Pocket Lexi takes direct aim with a laser dual focus: Educate and entertain. There is simply no other eBook platform that does what Pocket Lexi can do. While using stunning imagery, professional narration, and targeted language skills, it allows students to learn through adventure.  Check out what people are saying:

An absolutely amazing eBook app! My kids were mesmerized from the first page….and they love learning about figurative language. Probably the best part is allowing them to change the story on every page by finding errors in the language and fixing it, then watching the images change what they fixed.

As a speech therapist, I find this an amazing tool. I can’t wait to see what new books come out. The possibilities are limitless.

It brings such joy to my heart to finally hear my children cheer when I tell them that we are going to read a book. This is what Pocket Lexi does, it gets children pumped and excited to interact with books and literature as a whole. What more could an educator ask for?